Sneak Peek: Marked by Magic

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Lon gaped up at a gigantic version of Nosy, who stared back down at him with dog-breathed curiosity.

“Rogues and road apples! What just happened?”

The gruff voice didn’t come from Nosy.

Lon took a quick inventory of all the weirdness going on:

  1. The giant Nosy. Lon loved his dog, but twice the size of a Clydesdale horse was too much puppy for anyone.
  2. The crazy tall, wide grass. Never in a million years would he let it grow this high. His allowance depended on it.
  3. The large group of blue-skinned people standing nearby wearing fancy costumes. Halloween ended five months ago.
  4. Livi was being quiet.

That did it. Too much weirdness.

“What is going on?!” he bellowed.

“That’s what I just asked,” said a tubby, bearded, blue-skinned man in a king costume.

Lon pulled Livi closer to him in a protective side hug. “Who are you?”

The man’s face flushed beet purple, as if he were choking on a pickle instead of rage, but before he could respond, a large white bird swooped down and hovered, flapping its wings silently. Lon blinked and looked closer. It wasn’t a bird after all, but a huge, white butterfly thing with a human head.

“A fairy!” Livi cheered. “Are you my fairy godmother? I thought you’d be bigger than that!”

Lon felt like both his eyes and mouth were stuck in the wide-open position as he studied the “fairy godmother,” who raised herself a little higher and held out her hands in an appeasing gesture. She looked like the beautiful, porcelain dolls his grandmother collected. Her body was slender, and her brown hair formed a wispy knot on the top of her head, and her wings looked as if she’d fallen into a sack of powdered sugar. She blinked her enormous round, blue eyes and smiled with the daintiest lips he had ever seen.

“Your Majesty, there’s been a terrible mistake!” said the fairy in a honey-smooth voice.

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