Dusting off the Debut

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After 30 years of writing sketches and concert narrations, etc., I completed my first novel in 2011. The rough drafts were called The Ancients of Drandsil, but at the suggestion of a friend, I changed it to The Circle of … Continued

The Title Tango

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A while back, I got the idea for a story. I thought it would be a short story children’s story with an Asian feel. I was going to call it Quick Wit. It would be about an elderly woman whose … Continued

Are you over-directing your characters?

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My earliest drafts of The Circle of Law contained a lot of attention to detail with regards to the way the characters moved, laughed, and generally expressed themselves. A lot of detail. Particularly when it came to facial expressions. I described every … Continued

Tighten the Read

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I’m thinking about the word “tight” today as I deal with my orthodontia. Tightening my teeth means bringing them into line, giving me a perfect bite that spares grinding wear on the enamel and just plain looks better. Music can … Continued

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