The Full Trilogy Edition

GP trilogy coverWhat’s this all about? Another Gypsy Pearl?!


Not exactly. This edition actually combines all three books–Caren, Craggy, and Tye–into one. ┬áBut it isn’t just an omnibus with three books for the price of one. It actually is a remastering of sorts. Any parts of books 2 or 3 that referred back to earlier characters or events with the purpose of reminding readers who had not read the last book recently (or ever) have been spliced out. Why? Because the reader will never stop the journey! Chapters have been reorganized to create a balance of tension and rest throughout the overall arc of the story–the whole story.

Why am I doing this?


I know that some people don’t want to have to buy book after book. They don’t like series. They just want to grab a story and go. This version is for them.


What if you already have the other three?


No need to buy the new version…unless you want to see the bonus trivia at the end, exclusively for the special edition.


Kindle coming July 1st

Paperback coming July 10th

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