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Amaya Jefferson doesn’t have time for a boyfriend. She’s too busy teaching dance to disadvantaged youth and practicing hard to understudy for the lead in the Northwest Dance Project’s company. Besides, she’s tired of coming in second to other women every time she falls in love.


Frank Judd doesn’t love his job as a fancy food critic, but the notoriety is growing, and it’s his vehicle to journalistic fame. Maybe then, he’ll be able to attract an intelligent woman. All of the good ones seem to find him repulsive, though he can’t imagine why.

When Frank’s job sends him to Portland to review 5-star restaurants with dance floors, he needs to find a date who can waltz and fox trot. His search leads him to the talented, but highly unlikely match, Amaya. After she literally knocks him down on their first meeting, they both have to find a way to work together for their mutual professional and financial benefit. Falling in love wasn’t on the menu …