Hi, I’m Lia London.

I’m a multi-genre writer, mostly because I can’t pick one I like best. In addition, I am the founder and chief admin of Clean Indie Reads, a network of over 3000 independent authors. Of my 16 titles currently available, six fall under the “speculative fiction” umbrella, which includes fantasy (both epic and urban) and science fiction. These generally feature teen protagonists. Another half dozen are of the nonfiction inspirational variety, some non-denominational Christian, and some highlighting the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) perspective. They’re all short reads with a healthy smattering of personal anecdotes both funny and poignant. The e-book versions of these are PERMAFREE, and the paperback versions are fundraisers for Humanitarian Relief and the Perpetual Education Fund (see relevant pages in the tabs for more information).

The remaining books are a jumble of genres like cozy mystery and sweet romance, always with a heavy dose of humor. Starting in fall of 2017, I’m going to try something new: a contemporary romance series called Team Northwest Sweet Romances. This is a stretch out of my normal comfort zone, but my first effort in the genre, Her Imaginary Husband, has been popular enough that I thought I’d try more in that vein. You can find my books through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace. Many of my e-books are also available through Apple (iTunes), Kobo, Scribd, and Overdrive.


The formative years of my childhood were spent living in Scotland with summer jaunts to the Continent to visit places of historical and natural renown. I love ancient ruins as much as Renaissance magnificence, and the forbidding coasts of the North Sea as much as the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps. All of these places fired my imagination at an early age and have stayed with me over the decades.

Our family settled in Oregon for my teen and college years, during which time my primary emphases in life were singing and acting. I’ve had my share of standing ovations, but always knew that it takes the whole company–backstage included–to make a production glorious. Those were also years where my love of script writing grew; after many comic sketches for school assemblies, etc., I was commissioned to write a musical for Children’s Educational Theater in Salem, Oregon. The fun of being on the story-making side of the equation definitely grabbed my heart.

I spent a year and a half in Guatemala, serving as a humanitarian missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We focused on cholera prevention, literacy, and hospital care. The optimism and big-heartedness of the Guatemalans in the face of so many dire consequences of poverty and civil unrest inspired me and helped reset my priorities to focus on others over self.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig, I now  make my home in Oregon with my adoring husband, my brilliant son, my vivacious daughter, and my distractingly cute dog. After a brief teaching career (high school and private language institute), I returned to the heart to raise and home school my two kids. In 2011, I wrote my first novel, and then I was hooked. When not writing, I’m reading, teaching, practicing martial arts (TKD black belt!), walking my dog, checking my kids’ homework, volunteering in the community, or attacking that mound of laundry that refuses to fold itself. My loud, booming laugh often surprises my pet, and my hair never looks as good as my author shot in real life.

I wish I could travel all around the world encouraging people in all their worthy endeavors and then come home each night to curl up with a good book and my puppy. Maybe when my little birds have flown the nest, Mama and Papa Bird might just find a way to do that!