Rom Com Progress Check

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I’m at about 16K into this romantic comedy about a new teacher. That’s feeling like it’s probably about 2/3 of the way. I’ve got models lined up for the cover art, but in the mean time, this is my place holder. … Continued


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    And it’s debuting at the top!  This is a screenshot of “Hot New Releases” taken on October 9th. Note that I’m just behind an Orson Scott Card and a Hunger Games spin-off. I’m okay with that!

Stepping out of my Genre

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The Gypsy Pearl 2: Craggy is about to go live, and it’s time to pick my next project.  Although I have several sequels and stand-alones already outlined and ready to zoom, I’m going to try something completely different for a … Continued

My Proudest Writing Endeavor

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Someone asked, “Which of your works are you most proud of?” I thought through my books and what I liked of each, and then I realized there was something even better. If I tell the truth, I am most gratified … Continued

Deadline Dash

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I’ve always liked having due dates. They help me focus and get my tuckus in gear.  At the same time, when I’m setting my own deadlines (for say…. releasing The Gypsy Pearl 2: Craggy… not to be specific), I have … Continued

The Beta Reader Ballet

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The manuscript for The Gypsy Pearl 2: Craggy sits in the cyber hands of eleven wonderful beta readers right now.  Why do I say wonderful?  I mean, besides the fact that they are willing to spend time reading, proofing and … Continued

Writing Flinch-Free Fiction

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My book blog, Clean Indie Reads, just passed 400K views, and it’s fairly young.  It’s hugely gratifying because it tells me that there is a market for books that avoid explicit content.  We call it “Flinch-Free”. Lest anyone misunderstand and think … Continued

The Face on the Cover

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I must tell the story of the girl on the cover.  I’d been pondering my need for a model—someone who could capture Caz’s intelligence and innocence at the same time.  She had to be short-haired and a little tom-boyish.  There … Continued

Site Remodel

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If you haven’t stopped by for a while, I’m sure you noticed the new look right away.  Love the nifty slider?  I hope you’re seeing this on a full monitor and not your phone, otherwise you’re missing the whole glory … Continued

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