“I was with book as a woman is with child.” ~ C.S. Lewis


A shot B&WContrary to what Google says, I’m not an international airport. I’m a writer. I write so that I can turn off the movies in my head at night and get some sleep, but then I wake up again and have to take  notes because I had a cool dream that might just make a good story some day. Seriously, it happens all the time.  I have pads of paper by my bed, in the car, in my gym bag, and in the shower (water proof!) because inspiration never strikes at convenient times. To date, I have 14 titles available on Amazon, and the paperbacks are also on Barnes & Noble. Choose your flavor by clicking on the genre you like below...


Science Fiction / Fantasy

Inspirational Nonfiction

The best thing to come out of writing all these books is the connection I’ve made to the independent author community, full of talent and heart. I’ve been helped along the way, and now I strive to pay that forward through an author network I founded called Clean Indie Reads.

I’ve traveled three continents and now live in Oregon with my adoring husband, my brilliant son, my vivacious daughter, a surly black cat and a big, fat orange one, and my distractingly cute dog. When not writing, I’m reading, teaching, volunteering with my kids, or attacking that mound of laundry that refuses to fold itself.

What’s Coming Next?


S.O.S. (Soap Opera Survivor)

Years ago, I was commissioned to write a full-length comic play for a high school. It was right when American Idol was taking off, so I decided to play with the idea and make a story about a reality show where people auditioned to be on a really cheesey soap opera. It had romance and a lot of playful jabs at the goofier side of both talent shows and daytime drama. So, now it’s in the conversion-to-novella process. Get ready to launch your luxury yacht into a sea of silliness.

Milo just wants his best friend Jill to notice he’s ready to move into the romance zone, but she’s star struck and ambitious. When auditions for Who Wants to Be a Soap Star? come to town, Milo and Jill are thrown into a world where reality TV meets daytime drama and crazy people are the norm.