New Cover Reveal for Little Devotional Book Series

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Parables and Ponderings started as a blog, evolved to a spiral-bound print-out, and finally became a book in December of 2013. That lead book in the series has had thee different covers. The first was a glossy close-up of a ladybug on a leaf (reference to one of the first stories in the book). The second had the title in thought bubbles over a green background. By the time the third cover came along, the series had expanded to three books, and I wanted to brand them, so I had a bold lines / cartoon image look going. My thought there was that I had comical stories. But now, and I ponder (yes, I’m using that word intentionally) the purpose of the books, I realize that humor is a means, but the end goal is spiritual growth and uplift. With that in mind, I’ve gone with a significant mood change. The paperbacks will lag behind the ebooks in getting this makeover, but here’s the new look.

Drum roll, please …

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