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I just read an article by the gurus at BookBub (the premier book marketing hot shots that launch people onto the best-seller lists). I’ve yet to have any of my books accepted by them, but writer friends who have swear by the rank-making deities that they know what they’re doing.  So, I’ve decided to try some of the BookBub advice, in this case about writing blurbs.  In a nutshell, they suggest the following:


  • Keep it to 50 words or fewer.
  • Don’t get too detailed in the plot description. Hint rather than specify.
  • Include any special accolades or reviews from famous people if applicable.
  • Compare it to other famous books/movies if possible.
  • Use exciting vocabulary (like “gripping”, “thrilling”, etc.).
  • When possible use “If you like ___, you’ll love ___”
  • Don’t sweat asking a hook question, mentioning a debut, naming the series, or specifying what kind of best-seller it is (assuming it is any kind).



So here we go…


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00025]Young Marki must help the supernaturally gifted but estranged Ancients come together in order to lift their dying world from the literal ashes of tyranny. Best-selling author Mimi Barbour calls Ancients of Drandsil “a rare treat”. Fans of Narnia will love this inspiring adventure.



Fargenstropple front w tagInspector Terrence Morgan agrees to help Millicent Fargenstropple with another pointless investigation only to find there’s an actual mystery this time–and a beautiful, enigmatic debutante right in the middle of it. Outrageous British humor ~ as if Monty Python’s Flying Circus took over a lost Agatha Christie manuscript.



GP1CarenA violent encounter with an alien leads to Caz’s expulsion to the planet surface, but what others see as punishment, she embraces as freedom. She has no idea she’s about to change the solar system! If you like Leia or Padme in Star Wars, you’ll love this feisty teen heroine.



GP2CraggyUnder cover on a harsh mining planet, Caz continues the quest that will bring her ultimate power. Along the way, she finds allies to her cause—and more enemies than she can escape alone. If you love conspiracy thrillers with a hint of romance, don’t miss this gripping installment.



GP3TyeIn a race to complete a power-granting quest, Caz discovers what leadership really requires—ultimate sacrifice! Excitement, humor, betrayal, romance, unique worlds and creatures combine to make this the perfect finale of a thrilling ride. Three worlds, three powers, three gifts ~ one epic adventure!





Her Imaginary Husband300dpiSmart and sassy teacher Nikki Fallon deflects a womanizer by creating an imaginary husband. She’s not prepared for how the plan backfires! If you love laughing out loud, grab this irresistibly sweet romantic comedy that best-selling author Tamie Dearen calls “delectable” and “an absolutely yummy book”.




MH final coverWhen Kincaid Riley lobbies to desegregate mages and non-magical kids at Magian High, he has no idea that changing his school means risking everything he’s ever known. Recommended by teachers for Civil Rights units, this action-packed adventure will light a fire in your imagination and fill you with hope.



PP smallIf you’re drowning in work, traffic or housekeeping and feel like God has forgotten you, think again! Lovers of the Chicken Soup for the Soul or Robert Fulghem books will devour these funny and insightful true-life anecdotes. Be inspired by everyday things around you! Perfect for devotionals.



MM smallThink miracles ended at the close of the Bible? Think again! God is still at work, and His love can reach you wherever you are. If you need a pick-me-up for your faith, grab this little book of true stories and be inspired again.




These princesses don’t need to be rescued from sea serpents, the paparazzi or DMV red tape ~ they’ve got it covered! If you’ve outgrown the Cinderella nightie, but still wish you could wear a tiara, these four snarky, silly short stories are a perfect bedtime (or break room) snack!

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  1. Monique Bucheger

    I enjoyed this post and your book blurbs very much, Lia. I didn’t realize you have so many books out. Yay! 🙂 They all sound delightful. 🙂

    • Lia London

      Ah, well! I had a very busy year last in 2015, so yes. The library is a bit bigger than it was last time we chatted!

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