Fumbling Fairy Tales are not your little sister’s bed time stories. No. Much sillier. Best read if you’re wearing your smarty pants pajamas and using a ridiculously pompous accent. Happy endings over and over (and upside down).


Princess Pennilopintha & the Magical Mouse

Princess Pennilopintha has no desire to marry Prince Bumblesmutch and get carted off to a new kingdom where hunting momphibraks is the courtly pastime. What’s a princess to do? Call on the magical mice, of course. “It’s time to cut the cheese.”





Saccharine White & the 7 Dwarfs of SAGA

Saccharine White — the unwanted princess — would love to be left alone in the forest with the spiky bindles, but when she bumps into seven well-dressed dwarfs with capped teeth and perfect hair, she knows she’s in for trouble. These little guys are the paparazzi of the palaces. How can she get rid of them and restore some sanity to her father’s castle?



The Quest for a Wide-Awake Princess

Prince Jack isn’t thrilled about the drippy, over-dressed princesses parading before him, so he goes off on a quest to find someone a little more lively. No such luck. Between getting attacked by spiky bindles and discovering the sleepiest nobility in the land, Jack is almost ready to give up when he finds a surprising ally in the hunt.





Stormy Jane & the Lake Serpent

Stormy Jane must get a Quest Permit from the DMV (Department of Majestic Vocations), but to do that, she’ll first need to rescue a damsel in distress. No problem for a girl who can chew rocks, swim with lake serpents and sleep through thunder, right?



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Will there be more?

Probably. They’re fun to write in-between bigger projects. Actually, though, I’m thinking of expanding each of these stories to make them each more of a novella than a short story.