Works in Progress

Taken from vlog posts and journal entries made during black belt testing, these inspirational thoughts bring lessons from the mat to daily life. They’ll be formed into “letters” to fictional characters, but otherwise represent real events (with names changed to protect the ninjas).
This tells the story of a princess and a knight, both imported from a neighboring kingdom, who must form a secret bond to rescue their homeland from a wicked queen, an evil sorcerer, and a band of giants.
Two middle school friends who laugh about one of their teachers looking like an alien discover the joke is on them. Can they stop a galactic invasion from ruining their school year?
A popular tiny house designer and minimalist YouTuber decides the fame is too much for her. But as she tries to run away from the chaos, she discovers there are somethings she can’t escape.
A biography of my mother’s younger years as a world traveler.