Technical Difficulties and User Error

I was supposed to start sending out brilliant newsletters last month. The plug-in (a program add-on thingy) wouldn’t play nice with my website’s formatting. I tried several and never found one that liked the theme (overall template) I was using. Still glitchy. Apparently, I can no longer work from Chrome without having my website look like the mobile app blown up 400x the normal size. NOT conducive to making pretty posts or newsletters. We’ll see if Firefox is any better. If you get a notification about this post in your inbox, I’d love to know if that bit is working.

Wretched excuse #2: my health. I caught a cold. Not a normal, week-long snorkfest that dribbles out. A deceptive, sneaky, rude virus that gave the illusion of general health but with only 20% functionality. Just a tickly throat and a sniffle here and there, but a daily battery life of about 3.5 hours before requiring a 10-hour reboot. Repeat for almost two weeks. At least now my voice sounds like icy gravel being scraped off the road, so people will believe I’m sick.

It’s times like these I’m grateful for my faithful, tenured Nap Assistant.

Rolo is the best Nap Assistant ever. If you need to lie down and recover in any way, he’s your man to make sure you do.

On the productive side of life, January wasn’t a complete wash. I updated ebook and paperback versions of the following books:
Parables & Ponderings: when God speaks to us through everyday items and incidents
Her Imaginary Husband
How Much Do You Want It? thoughts for Latter-day Saints in search of a testimony
You See What You Look At: happiness tips for Latter-day Saints
Help Thou My Unbelief

I also knocked out the first 19K words of the rough draft of The (Slumpy) Life of Copernica Fletcher, which is shaping up to be a longer work than originally anticipated, but hopefully funnier, too. Among my favorite scenes so far are when Copernica accidentally tries out for the football team, when she and her friend Oliver sell an ugly old Buick to a local rock band, and passing out candy on Halloween while dressed as planet Earth. The Home Coming dance is pretty funny, too.

I realized while writing this that several of my books (those set in high schools) touch on Home Coming and Halloween, which is odd, because neither of those events played a big role in my own high school years. Perhaps I’m recapturing a part of my youth I felt was missing?

When you think back on your own teen years, what are some of the funniest things that happened to you?