“Furgolicious! Make them boys go loco!”

No, that isn’t the title of my new book, silly. It’s the song my daughter is singing … in her “very medicated” state post wisdom teeth removal.

I’m a baaaad mother. As I brought her into the oral surgeon’s office this morning, I asked if they’d had time to put down the drop cloths to catch all the blood. The receptionist gave me a wan smile. “You’re not helping.”

She went on to assure me that the YouTube videos showing slurry post-op ramblings were probably a sham because she’d never witnessed such a thing in their office.

Well, there’s a first time for everything. My daughter apparently resisted the anesthesia, so they had to medicate her somewhat more than usual. She was … shall we say … snockered? I took seven videos on my phone (again–baaaad mother) but the files are too big to upload here. Suffice it to say she had become obsessed with the cat’s interest in her milkshake. Kitty earned an F- in her “Keep yo’ hands off!” class and will either wind up a calico smoothie or my daughter’s winter socks. I’m going to hide the blender and any paring knives we have until the meds wear off.

The amount of laughing I did this morning did cement in my mind that I want to go the humor route for my next book. However, I’m not in the mood for a romantic comedy. As I sat in the waiting room, I had a torrent of silly ideas come to mind and I jotted them down, organized them, and created a rough outline all in the time my daughter was losing her marbles … er, 3rd molars.

The (Slumpy) Life of Copernica Fletcher is ready to be written. Think Diary of a Wimpy Kid minus the cartoons and with a female main character. It should provide a nostalgic, funny romp through the old yearbook, complete with the slumpiness of teen life and the unexpected victories. I’ll aim for a release date in time for Spring Break and hope no more family crises impede the writing.

Now… should I include a scene about getting wisdom teeth out?

Tell me about your wisdom teeth extraction stories!

Or what you think “slumpy” means.