Unwanted Veggies (a sonnet)

photo credit: Medical News Today

I try to covet veggies, but I fail,

When donuts sit with green beans juxtaposed,

For really, if the sugar winds prevail,

The greens will lose if boiled or baked or frozed.

An eggplant, beet, or radish may add flair

If color is the quality desired,

But it’s about the flavor that I care,

And turnips wrapped in kale just make me tired.

An artichoke won’t make me arti-puke

If bathed in butter and rich sour cream,

But if you want my palate’s stern rebuke,

You’ll lie and say that mushrooms are a dream.

Zucchini is the only veg I’ll eat,

And that’s when baked in bread loaves that are sweet.

Thanks to Jess Elliott for the prompt.