Okay, let’s get back to this blog thing!

Once upon a time, when I started writing for publication (as opposed to for school, church, and community non-profit events), I had a blog. People even read it sometimes and interacted. It was quite gratifying, actually.

And then I got busy writing books and became overwhelmed with the self-imposed pressure of being brilliant on a daily basis.

I can be a little All-or-Nothing. It’s not healthy. Don’t be like me.

Okay, maybe I’m a recovering All-or-Nothing. But my point is, I don’t promise to post super regularly or predictably, but I will be here often enough to prevent dust from forming on my keyboard.

Status update on my writing: I kind of ground to a halt due to an uptick in family emergencies this year. I won’t go into gory details (though they exist), but suffice it to say I was just trying to keep the laundry clean and the cat fed on a good day. Earlier this year, I released a scifi prequel to The Gypsy Pearl series entitled The Gypsy Comet. My intention was to write two more of those, each featuring a different side character. As of the beginning of this month, I’m only 15K words into the second…

I did, however, get another romcom series out, The Proposal Series Novellas. The covers are gorgeous, thanks to my goddess friend Victorine Lieske.

The rest of my “writerly” time has been spent in upgrading/updating/reformatting endeavors of all the old books. That’s not going as quickly as I’d hoped, either. I managed to get The Fargenstropple Case and Magian High both updated for ebook and paperback versions, and I’m currently working on Parables & Ponderings, which will be an expanded version with a few new anecdotes added.

Come 2020, I hope to be more organized again and finish the Gypsy Pearl series. I’ll decide the next project based on my mood and/or reader requests.

In the meantime, most of my books are going to be either free or 99 cents between now and the end of the year, so stock up, read up, and then speak up about what you want more of in the coming season!