The Crash (an excerpt from 8 Miracles)

The first time I consciously remember witnessing a miracle was when I didn’t die. I didn’t even burst into flames.

My friend and I were zipping down the freeway on our way to work in one of those old-style station wagons with long panels of fake wood on the sides. About half-way there, construction work slowed us down and eventually brought us to a stop behind a long semi.

Suddenly, my friend cried out. Another semi had appeared in the rearview window and now careened towards us, clearly unable to slow down in time. We were about to be flattened like garbage in a compactor. With no place to go and no time to articulate a real prayer, I could only squeeze my eyes shut and hope for something to save us.

Brakes screamed and glass shattered. The jolt threw us forward only to be knocked back again by the second impact. With my heart in my throat, I took stock of how I felt.

“Get out! Get out!”

Would the gas tank blow?

Seconds later, I balanced on pudding legs, gaping back at the car. Or at what remained of it. The entire back seat and storage area had been crushed like a pop can up against my seat. My seat now stood at a 90-degree angle, instead of slightly reclining as it had been minutes before, and everything behind it had been irreparably destroyed.

I remember thinking it looked as if a giant hand had reached down from the sky and blocked the wreckage from moving further. As if Someone had said, “To here, no further.”

That was before I really knew God. I’d heard of him, of course. I’d gone to church and read bits of the Bible in Sunday school classes as a child, but it wasn’t as if I had a personal relationship with Him.


With that miracle, though—with God’s almost visible hand in my life—the birth of real faith took place. I walked away from that accident with a bruised wrist and a tweaked shoulder knowing that something more still needed to happen in my life.

This is the first chapter of 8 Miracles that Changed My Heart Forever: a short devotional about the power and presence of God’s love. It’s available in ebook format FREE. Click here for Amazon, or here for everywhere else.