Birthday Deals and a Rerun Release

On March 3rd, I officially crest over into the second half of a century. Yes, ancient of days or spring chicken depending on your own age. To celebrate, a goodly number of my books will be free. A semi-goodly number will remain free for the remainder of the week, so take a look at my Amazon page to browse the books that interest you! It’s a great time to stock up.

But wait, there’s more! In the process of updating my back list, I revamped a children’s book previously titled Marked by Magic. I’ve scaled the language back from upper middle grades to middle middle grades. You know those grades when they’re shedding and regrowing teeth? This is for that age range. Think Honey, I Shrunk the Kids but with fairies and chickens instead of science gadgets and lawnmowers.

The book, Be Careful Where You Wish, will go live on Friday the 13th, because that’s lucky, right? In the meantime, you can get it for the Pre-order Price of only 99cents. Little secret for people who bother to come here… It’ll stay at that price for the first month. The paperback will also be available. It’d be a great spring vacation read. [hint hint] Your kids, grandkids, neighborhood kids, and local cub scouts will love it.