Easter in Quarantine

Okay, I guess we’re not technically in quarantine. It’s just a state-issued “Stay-At-Home” order, with which I willingly comply.

Our dojo’s Facebook group held a Ninja Bunny drawing contest. Mine is obviously in stealth mode, blending in with the hidden eggs.

I may or may not (but consider what a positive person I am) have started my morning by cracking open a case of Cadbury Creme eggs. When I bought the case at the grocery store for 50% off, the manager gave me a funny look. “You know you’re paying half of every egg in that box, right?” I shrugged and nodded from behind my stylish calico and gingham mask. This was the deal of the decade. It’ll probably last me a few weeks if I can keep the rest of the family out of if.

What? I’m supposed to share? These are drastic times, people. It’s every chocoholic for herself! (Cue the Ninja Bunny!)

This was followed by actual eggs (with extra cheese) and a round of emails and PM messages and video chats with family and friends to wish them all a Happy Easter.

Then we had our own little worship service. If these had been normal times, I’d have been bumbling through a panicked rendition of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” on the organ. As it was, I bumbled only slightly less on the piano, but my husband’s singing was loud enough to cover the mistakes. The three of us (Mom, Dad, Daughter) gathered around the dining room table and shared scriptures and feelings about what Jesus has done for us. I always maintain that, without Easter, there would have been no Christmas. It was the triumph over the tomb that made the Man special. His Resurrection confirmed His deity and the hope we all have for a life after this one.

Of course, right now, we’re all just trying to imagine a life after quarantine. The one where we have to go back to shaving and getting dressed and touching people we don’t live with. I never emerged much from home anyway, so this forced hermit life is only reinforcing my natural tendencies.

The sun was shining, so I put on my pretty Easter outfit and took the dog for a walk. My neighbors working in their yards probably thought I was nuts, but as I said, this is a sacred day for me. I wanted to honor it somehow.

After the walk, I snuggled down with the same dog and read/listened to/watched various inspirational messages found in a gospel library app I’ve installed on my kindle. It was all very happy-making.

And sleep-inducing.

I woke up four hours later, just in time for a bedtime snack.

How about you? How did you spend your Easter weekend? If you were celebrating something else? Tell me all about it!