Day One, Gettin’ It Done!

Christmas vacation was a great time to regroup and finalize choices for which projects will take priority going into this new year. I’ve decided to focus on two series:

I’m doing teen romantic comedy retellings of some of William Shakespeare’s classic plays. First up will be a reworking of The Taming of the Shrew without the misogyny or physical abuse. There’s still a headstrong female lead who is sick of all the attention her sister gets, and there’s still a handsome stranger who tames her, but this will have a happy ending modern audiences can actually stomach. I anticipate being able to release three of these titles this year if all goes well. As of today, I have a few scenes written and I’m adapting the outline to fit the standard romcom expectations.

Taking a break for a while allowed me to rekindle my desire to work on the revamping of my debut novel into a full epic fantasy series. 2020’s release of Amirah’s Gift was meant to be a prologue, but it will end up being Part One of the first full novel, Enekoriah. I’ve never undertaken to write anything of this scope before, and its sheer length and depth will mean it’s slower going. However, I do think I can get the first installment out by the end of 2022, and it will be my most serious endeavor to date. Poetic but approachable, with its own magic system and decades of drama, I hope it will be a piece epic fantasy lovers can really savor. As of today, I am half way through revisions of Amirah’s Gift, tweaking it with what comes next in mind.