Science Fiction

Currently, I only have one Science Fiction series, The Gypsy Pearl. It began as a collaborative fiction exercise on my website many years ago and evolved to have a life of its own. The first book is permanently free. The fourth book is actually a prequel, but highly recommend not reading it first. Spoilers, you know.

Caz is smart, snarky, and tired of living in space. When a violent encounter with an alien leads to her expulsion to the planet surface, she embraces the punishment as freedom. There she experiences many things for the first time–sunshine, dirt, wind … and true friendship.

But just when everything is going right, the alien returns, flipping her destiny upside down. Now she must take on a dangerous quest to visit all three worlds in the Granbo System before the authorities can catch her. If she can do it, she’ll acquire superhuman powers and inherit the right to rule as a queen. If she fails, she and thousands more may die.

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After breaking out of the Lamond Reformatory for violent youth, Caz flees to the planet Craggy. The harsh, frigid mining colony is a perfect place to hide, but its lawless, violent culture makes it a dangerous destination for one so young. Armed with her superhuman strength and an enhanced memory, she hopes to pass as a male miner long enough to complete the next stage of her quest to cycle the Gypsy Pearl. With her friend Alf and the alien creature, King, she unravels plots of intrigue that threaten to overturn the balance of power throughout the Granbo System. Along the way, she finds allies to her cause—and more enemies than she can escape alone.

At last Caz has made it to the third planet in the Granbo System, the watery world of Tye. She and her friends must make their way from the polar ice cap to the tropics, passing through a diverse array of colonies along the way. Caz would love to relish these new experiences, but time is running out as her various enemies draw nearer. To make matters worse, the Gifts she has acquired along the way have a terrifying side effect–any adrenaline spikes lead to temporary paralysis!

In the race to complete her quest that will save the entire alien species, she discovers that leadership requires self control, determination, and the ultimate sacrifice!

Long before Caz began her adventures on the three worlds of the Granbo star system, her mother Brita, then a young woman herself, began a quest of her own. Born of a gypsy father and a royal colonist mother, her sense of identity is confusing. When she falls in love with a space-dwelling medic, life gets even more complicated. The more she travels the planets and the social classes that inhabit them, the more she wishes she could do something to bring people together.

But the caste with which she most closely identifies–the gypsies–is the one at the bottom of the social hierarchy, and there are elements who wish to eradicate them from the Granbo System completely. How can Brita, with her strong ties to three cultures, advocate for unity over isolationism and understanding over hate? Some divisions run deeper than the vastness of space…

Full of adventure and a touch of romance, this supporting role flashback gives fans of the Gypsy Pearl books a glimpse at the motivations behind some of the most enigmatic characters in the series.