Romantic Comedies

Proposal Series Novellas

A Second-Chance Proposal

Love always comes with risk.

Willa Fillmore is expecting her boyfriend to pop the Big Question, not dump her! Now what? She takes a job as a caregiver for a sweet little old lady. Seems like the perfect way to avoid men while her heart heals, right?

When Mac Norton’s mother dies in a car accident, he promises to keep an eye on his aging grandmother. He never imagined the woman she hires to help around the house could be the perfect cure for both of their grieving hearts.

Full of humor and tenderness, this novella celebrates second-chances for love, life, and all the things that matter most.

A Simple Proposal

Sometimes finding happily ever after isn’t so simple…

Libby Blake is sweet, smart, and super-model gorgeous, so why doesn’t she stand up for herself? When an unwanted, high-pressure proposal catches her off guard, she feels trapped. Who says no to a millionaire, after all?

Reg Rafferty’s small catering business is just getting off the ground when he’s asked to plan a wedding reception for a millionaire. The assignment could rocket his company into the big league. There’s just one problem. He can tell the bride doesn’t want to go through with it, and the more he gets to know her, the more he hopes she doesn’t.

Full of humor and tenderness, this novella celebrates letting go of past fears and seizing a brighter future.

A Rival’s Proposal

A love story for anyone who’s ever hated someone’s guts…

Viktor Giles drives a Tesla, works 60 hours a week on the way to executive status, and shoots well under par on the golf course. With good looks on top of that, he is the most eligible bachelor in town. So why is he afraid to bump into his old arch-rival, Angelika?

Angelika Aldrich is accomplished, kind, and the truest kind of friend… so why is she always overshadowed by her siblings and overlooked by men? Maybe she’d be better off focusing on humanitarian work and her three-legged cat.

When old friends goad Viktor and Angelika into a race to romance, neither one dares admit the truth. Despite their many achievements, they’re losers in love. But as the competition ramps up, Viktor and Angelika discover their rivalry has developed a new kind of chemistry.

Full of humor and tenderness, this novella explores letting go of the expectations of others and being true to yourself.

Northwest Romantic Comedies

Who Needs Reality?

Milo wants to be a pharmacist and marry his life-long best friend, Jill.

Jill wants to be a soap star and chase adventures every day.

When they both end up on a reality show, they discover that what they want most in the world is always just out of reach. How can they find true love when they’re pawns in a fake world destined to pull them apart.

With loads of humor and surprising twists, this romantic comedy is sure to please readers who love a sweet and sassy love story.

Getaway Gone Wrong

Daisy Parker is on the fast track to becoming a big Hollywood director, and she has the ulcers to prove it.

Guy Fox is a local handyman known for his shy nature and abundant acts of kindness.

When Parker is forced to take an all-expenses-paid vacation in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, the last thing she wants is to become entangled romantically with a man who has no ambition. But each time her getaway goes wrong, she discovers another reason to wonder if she’s right.

How can two people from such different worlds ever find one they could share?

Amaya’s Dance

Love wasn’t supposed to be on the menu …

Amaya Jefferson can learn 164 counts of complex dance moves in ten minutes, but she can never find her phone. Her performing / teaching career is taking flight, and she needs to stay focused if she’s going to come out on top. No problem for a woman who’s been onstage since before she could read, and who recently had her television debut on “Who Wants to Be a Soap Star”!

Frank Judd is doing everything he can to shed his working-class past and make it into the cultured elite, but his job as a restaurant critic named Grumbleygut shows no promise of advancement until he gets a surprise assignment: review the five-star establishments with dance floors in Portland. All he needs is a date. Unfortunately, despite being tall, dark, and handsome, Frank manages to repel just about every woman he meets.

When a mutual acquaintance sets them up, both are sure the match is a mess. He’s too stuffy. She’s too sassy. Candlelit dinners and ballroom dancing may be romantic for some, but this is just a business arrangement, right?

A Bid for Love

He got way more than he bid for …

Ladies’ man and mid-tier model, Crawford Andrews has a hunkalicous reputation to uphold. That means working out and making out but making no commitments.

Philanthropic (and very chaste) heiress Maris Conway would rather be passing out warm rolls and words of encouragement than working in her father’s swanky real estate development company, but it’s hard to be generous without a lot of money and connections.

When Crawford and Maris meet during a publicity photo shoot, they decide to attend a charity auction together. Crawford bids on a romantic getaway using both of their names, hoping to score points with Maris for helping to drive up the auction prices for her pet fundraiser. When they accidentally win, he gets much more than he ever imagined.

Self-absorbed meets selfless sweetness, and both find room to grow in this romantic comedy set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Crazy Little Crush

Opposites like this are bound to crash … unless they crush instead!

Chieko Makiguchi has spent her whole life trying to live up to her parents’ expectations. Unfortunately, she’s better at cheer leading than chemistry, and she’s more comfortable in sweats than business suits. Just as things are looking up, life throws her two unexpected twists. She loses her job but acquires a millionaire suitor–one bad and one good, right? But which is which?

Bartholomew Jefferson graduated into obscurity. No longer the star of the University of Oregon Ducks football team, he has a degree but no career prospects. He’s a man with great talents buried under an identity crisis. At least he has his sense of humor and Grammy MarLee’s cooking to keep him alive.

When an unusual job opportunity brings Chieko and Barth together, they are sure that working together will get awkward fast. After all, he’s like a St. Bernard puppy, and she’s like a porcelain doll. With such diverse backgrounds, how can these two find enough common ground to form a viable working team? But two new adults discovering their destinies might just find that their differences are a perfect recipe for romance.

Love from A to Z

Falling in love is a family affair…

For seven years, Antonio Seneca has had to be a father to his two younger brothers. He might struggle in the kitchen, but he makes sure the boys get their homework done and stay out of trouble. Only now that they’ve discovered girls, he has to decide if a love life would be a welcome distraction or a complete disaster.

Smart and sassy Zaira Vasquez got herself through a nursing degree and landed her first job at a hospital, but being a single, working mom is exhausting, no matter how cute her toddler daughter is. With only two relatives nearby to lend a hand, she needs adult companionship. Could it be that the handsome young man across the street is a remedy for her loneliness?

Growing from neighbors to co-workers to friends, Antonio and Zaira try dating while parenting, and parenting while dating, and find that the two occupations aren’t always compatible. How can they navigate the chaos of the present and the heartaches of the past to form something beautiful for their future?

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Her Imaginary Husband

New teacher, Nikki Fallon, is trying to ward off the lecherous attention of Coach Carlin. She should
a) slap him silly.
b) report him for harassment.
c) invent an imaginary husband.

Nikki opts for “C” and is not prepared for how the plan backfires! Sure, pretending you’re married to get rid of a jerk is fine, but what if a really nice guy comes along? How can she untangle the web of lies before true love passes her by?