Proposal Series Novellas

This is a series of stand-alones that can be read in any order. As novellas, they provide a quick afternoon’s read. Each includes laughter, tears, and of course, a happy proposal at the end!

Love always comes with risk.

Willa Fillmore is expecting her boyfriend to pop the Big Question, not dump her! Now what? She takes a job as a caregiver for a sweet little old lady. Seems like the perfect way to avoid men while her heart heals, right?

When Mac Norton’s mother dies in a car accident, he promises to keep an eye on his aging grandmother. He never imagined the woman she hires to help around the house could be the perfect cure for both of their grieving hearts.

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Finding happily ever after isn’t so simple…

Libby Blake is sweet, smart, and super-model gorgeous, so why doesn’t she stand up for herself? When an unwanted, high-pressure proposal catches her off guard, she feels trapped. Who says no to a millionaire, after all?

Reg Rafferty’s small catering business is just getting off the ground when he’s asked to plan a wedding reception for a millionaire. The assignment could rocket his company into the big league. There’s just one problem. He can tell the bride doesn’t want to go through with it, and the more he gets to know her, the more he hopes she doesn’t.

A love story for anyone who’s ever hated someone’s guts…

Viktor Giles drives a Tesla, works 60 hours a week on the way to executive status, and shoots well under par on the golf course. With good looks on top of that, he is the most eligible bachelor in town. So why is he afraid to bump into his old arch-rival, Angelika?

Angelika Aldrich is accomplished, generous, and the truest kind of friend… so why is she always overshadowed by her siblings and overlooked by men? Maybe she’d be better off focusing on humanitarian work and her three-legged cat.

When old friends goad Viktor and Angelika into a race to romance, neither one dares admit the truth. Despite their many achievements, they’re losers in love. But as the competition ramps up, Viktor and Angelika discover their rivalry has developed a new kind of chemistry.