Enekoriah Character Blurbs

The upcoming Ancients of Enekoriah series will have the standard fare of interwoven plots and big casts, but four key characters will take us through the first installment and beyond. Here’s a little about them.


Amirah, born to be Duchess of Abduren and endowed with enormous magical ability, chooses instead to become a humble student of the Circle of Law. She can help plants and animals multiply and even create new life altogether. It’s inspiring and greatly respected until she loses control of her gift and brings forth dangerous beasts. Influences closest to her try to pull her in opposite paths, and she must regain control of her power before chaos erupts and she loses the ability to choose altogether.


Borek is in a precarious position. His seniors on the Council of Ancients have fallen into a complacent routine, and some of the younger members are growing restless and rebellious. He knows they need stronger leadership or the very magic that keeps Enekoriah thriving will dissolve with the apathy of its bearers. Only one seems to have caught his vision for what the Ancients could do to bless their world, but other voices are trying to pull her onto a darker path. How can he win her back and unify the Council before everything they’ve built falls to ruin?


Forek, princeling of Ek, does more than talk to animals. He governs them with a magic so powerful they obey his every whim. Why, then, should he have to sit on a council with stodgy, law adoring Ancients? But one tempts him to stay. Her magic is linked to his, and her beauty compels him to weigh the cost. Freedom, or love? Or is there a way to win both?


Kimbor would have grown up to be Prince of Or, but his accidental magic ruined that option. Discovered as an infant and trained by the most zealous of the Ancients, he is now forced to take on a role unsuited for his nature. He can command fire and ice with his mind and the attention of all the maidens with his handsome charisma, but he will never rule unless he can break free from the Council of Ancients and make his own way.