Northwest Romantic Comedies

Each of these stories is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. Though each book can stand alone, there will be the fewest spoilers if they are read in order.

When Jill, on a whim, decides to audition for Who Wants to Be a Soap Star, she manages to convince her best friend Milo to come along. It’s all a crazy stunt until they make the cut! Thrown into a competitive world that brings out the worst in people, they both discover what matters more than fame and fortune. But how can they find true love when they are pawns in a fake world?

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When Parker is forced to take an all-expenses-paid vacation, the last thing she wants is to become entangled romantically with a man who has no ambition. But each time her getaway goes wrong, she discovers another reason to wonder if she’s finally found Mr. Right.

When a mutual acquaintance sets Amaya and Frank up, both are sure the match is a mess. He’s too stuffy. She’s too sassy. Candlelit dinners and ballroom dancing may be romantic for some, but this is just a business arrangement, right?

When Crawford and Maris meet during a publicity photo shoot, they decide to attend a charity auction together. Crawford bids on a romantic getaway using both of their names, hoping to score points with Maris for helping to drive up the auction prices for her pet fundraiser. When they accidentally win, he gets much more than he ever imagined.

When an unusual job opportunity brings Chieko and Barth together, they are sure working together will get awkward fast. After all, he’s like a St. Bernard puppy, and she’s like a porcelain doll. With such diverse backgrounds and personalities, how can these two find enough common ground to form a viable working team, let alone a path to romance?

Growing from neighbors to co-workers to friends, Antonio and Zaira try dating while parenting, and parenting while dating, and find that the two occupations aren’t always compatible. How can they navigate the chaos of the present and the heartaches of the past to form something beautiful for their future?