Me vs. Slumpy Life

I’m so glad I didn’t decide to write a dystopian series this year after all. I mean, what would be the point? Just watch the news!

Instead, I’m having a great time with The (Slumpy) Life of Copernica Fletcher. This smart little freshman girl just wants to get ahead of the slumpiness of the teenage years when it seems like everything is stacked against her. She keeps score of little victories and big bumps on the road to breaking even on the happy/miserable spectrum, and my hope is that her journey will have you laughing enough to rack up some points… er… smiles.

As I reviewed a few chapters today to make sure I’d tallied the Copie vs. Slumpy Life score correctly, I thought about my own life in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. How might my own score look?

On the Slumpy side, I’d have to count a few things:

  • not being able to visit my dying father because of the quarantines
  • the fear of getting sick because of my asthma
  • the fear of any of my loved ones getting sick because I’d be powerless to help them if it got bad
  • not getting my regular dose of martial arts at my awesome dojo where most of my best friends hang out
  • concern for my many friends who own small businesses that are hurt by the quarantine
  • a degree of economic uncertainty for our retirement as panic eats away at our stock portfolio
  • the general insanity of having to share my quiet space with the whole family 24/7

On the Bright Side of life, however, I count more:

  • my absolute faith that God has my back
  • the faith I have in my church leaders to do the right thing and guide us forward to a stronger place spiritually
  • my husband’s ability to work from home, so our income is not threatened
  • my gratitude that, except for church and the dojo, I’m such a hermit in normal life that the quarantine isn’t crushing my routine too much
  • the internet–dear heaven, how I’m thankful for the internet
  • access to actual facts and sound medical counsel through agencies like the CDC, WHO, and NIH
  • seeing things like mass shootings and pollution go down
  • an acceptable supply of the basics around the house so I don’t have to be a panic buyer

While these counts might look close on paper, I feel I come out way ahead because of that very first one. I realize folks who have found me here did not all arrive having read my inspirational books, but at this time, I’d direct you to one in particular: Help Thou My Unbelief. I’ve priced it as cheaply as I can in both ebook and paperback form, and it is free with Kindle Unlimited. In mentioning the book here, I don’t wish to be spammy, but rather I want to share with you words of hope when the storms of life try to rattle your trust in God.

Are you seeing anything positive or hopeful in the middle of Covid 19?
What are you doing to stay ahead of the slumpy feelings of life in a trial?

2 thoughts on “Me vs. Slumpy Life”

  1. Love this, Lia! What a great reminder in a time so many are panicking and/or complaining. Going a little crazy here, too, but I’m not worried. Not a bit. I know God’s got our backs, too, even if the bad stuff hits our family harder.

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