Inspirational Nonfiction

All of the titles listed on this page are non-denominational Christian devotional books. With the exception of the journal prompt book, the e-book versions of these are permanently free and available from a wide variety of online retailers.

**New Expanded Edition**

If you’re drowning in work, traffic or housekeeping and feel like God has forgotten you, think again! Those things might be exactly how He’s reaching out to you!

These true, short stories from the author’s life provide “Aha” moments that inspire deeper devotion, no matter what your starting point. Each vignette is real, down-to-earth, and comes with a Bible verse to link daily life to the Word of God.

Lovers of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series will devour these funny and insightful anecdotes. Be inspired by everyday things around you! Perfect for devotionals.

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A journey of self-discovery can take countless paths, but it starts with Ask, Seek, and Knock. Jesus wasn’t talking about an Easter egg hunt or vending machine version of spirituality. Rather, He wanted us to focus our minds and think about what really matters to us. Then we need to get to work searching our hearts and our lives for the things that lead us closer to Him.

This collection of devotional journal prompts is designed to inspire serious spiritual introspection, enabling you to move from wherever you are in your faith journey to the next level. Those who are just discovering Jesus or the whole idea of God will have different answers than those who have walked with Him in faith for many years, but the concepts contained in the questions can be adapted to individual needs and creeds.

Whether miracles involve a near-death experience or a simple bouquet of flowers, they show God’s love for us is both vast and personal. This short devotional shares five such moments from the author’s life and three beloved miracles of Jesus from the New Testament of the Bible. Heartwarming and inspiring, this message will motivate you to grow the faith in Jesus Christ that allows miracles to abound in your life… the most important of which is faith unto salvation.

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