I can’t have just one…

Everyone knows you can’t eat just one potato chip or one cookie… but I’m struggling to write only one book! Recently, I introduced A Pocketful of Positive, a new faith-based project I’m writing with my ongoing desire to help people out of their emotional and spiritual slumps. For me, the message of Christ is one that brings me joy and purpose. With the pandemic and everything else that went 2020 on us, many of us are still trailing clouds of agony into 2021, so I figure a source of divine uplift is needed right now.

My idea is to go through the New Testament looking for verses and stories that are good mood-boosters for any occasion. Each would be the basis of a devotional pep talk, if you will. I originally thought I’d come up with a couple of dozen good ones and call it done.

Silly me.

The Bible is a really good book. It’s been a best seller for a few hundred years for a reason, right? Turns out I selected over 100 verses, which would make for more like a saddlebagful, not a pocketful. But more is good! Once again, what I thought would be a small book is turning into something bigger–a series of three devotional books that will break down the verses from the New Testament into three groups: the four gospels, the writings of Paul, and everything else.

Studying for this project has been a delight, and outlining for it is now complete-ish. I’ll be posting occasional samples from it here on the blog in coming weeks.

It’s not too late to suggest your favorite, most motivational passages from the New Testament! Got one or two that always lift you up?

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