Gotta Move

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I’m a firm believer that God whispers things to us all the time. Not like a big burning bush announcement, or anything, but rather those thoughts and impressions that are so clear and feel so right, you just know it’s too smart to be your own idea. And it can be about anything, not just “holy” or “spiritual” matters.

So, I’d been feeling overwhelmed with the home schooling and working from home, even though I’ve been doing it for years. My daily routine felt out-of-whack, in part because I’m not able to go to the dojo five days a week, and in part because my husband is home all day, quietly maintaining the clutter, and my daughter can’t just “go out and play” to give me quiet time. I’d been prayerfully considering how I might find better balance in my life without pushing myself into 19-hour days.

And then I woke up with a distinct message delivered directly to my soul: “Don’t sweat the writing until you’re no longer teaching. You need to focus on your health.”

Boom. Just like that, my daily priorities shifted. At the rate my daughter is going, school will likely only run a week or two more before we call it quits for the summer, but during that time, I will not be working on my various WiPs unless I’ve reached my exercise goals for the day, which is hard to do.

Quarantine has been so much easier for me than for many, I know, but all the same, I’ve packed on the 10lbs I’d lost in the months prior to the stay-at-home order, my joints are stiff, and my cardio endurance is… how do you say?

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Yes. That. I’m definitely in blob mode, and that isn’t good considering next year, pandemics and murder hornets permitting, I hope to test for my third-degree black belt, which I anticipate will be a grueling endeavor. I don’t want to be hauling around extra tires on my waist while I go through that.

My regimen will be simple for starters: actually walk the 10,000+ steps my FitBit tells me to, and practice every form I’ve ever learned from my current master. There are ten of them, and if practiced with good intensity, they can get my heart rate up even as I work on balance. Of course, I’ll continue taking and teaching the online courses we’re offering, but half-hour shadow-boxing matches in the living room aren’t the same as a couple of hours kicking heavy bags on the mat.

Once I’m no longer spending three or four hours a day home schooling, I hope to dedicate most of that time to writing. I’ll probably give each day a different project and let them race to the finish line. Perhaps you’ve noticed the shiny progress trackers in the sidebar. Those are mostly for me. I’m terribly motivated by such things.

What priorities of yours have shifted during the pandemic?

How are you staying healthy?

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