These stories currently include both fairy tales and contemporary urban fantasy titles.

Lon likes science projects and history books. Livi would rather bounce on the trampoline and play with her dog. This brother and sister have nothing in common.

When Lon and Livi discover a wedding party of fairies in their back yard, they accidentally steal a magic wish. But they can’t just give it back. No! Magic doesn’t work that way. They have to go on a dangerous quest for three special objects, and the only way to survive is to work together. That’s going to be hard for two siblings who barely get along.

Oh, and there’s one more problem. They’re only a few inches tall now!!

For generations, the school district divided students by mental, physical, and magical abilities, but Kincaid Riley, a senior at Magian High leads the charge for full desegregation. He knows that mixing everyone together is controversial, but they can all learn from each other, right?

Amity Griffin would have been valedictorian of Wiser High, the high school dedicated to the brightest of the bright, but instead she’s a newbie at Magian High, learning the ropes of magic management. She’s lost her status, and as far as she can tell, her academic future.

If Kincaid, Amity, and their classmates can’t overcome their differences, more than grades will suffer. The bullies don’t throw insults, they throw fireballs. Even some adults want the new system to fail, and they’re not above taking out a few kids to get their way.

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Meet Princess Penelope, a wispy-haired, wise-cracking vegetarian who has no desire to hang out with all the gossips-in-waiting. Her father, King Abnegolde, would love to be rid of her so he can get back to his taxidermy hobby. Meet Prince Bumblesmutch, a thick-necked, slow-tongued gourmet pastry chef who longs to escape a life of hunting and back-slapping jokefests that require him to speak. His father, King Boarsbane plans to marry him off as profitably as possible. But though the prince and princess start out as pawns in this fairy tale, when they solicit the help of a magical mouse wizard, they find hope in a wish … if they can figure out what they really want and are willing to fight for it!

Once upon a time, there lived a princess with hair as black as night, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood, so naturally, when every anyone saw her, they freaked out. Saccharine White — the unwanted princess — would love to be left alone in the forest with the spiky bindles, but when she bumps into seven well-dressed dwarfs with capped teeth and perfect hair, she knows she’s in for trouble. These little guys are the paparazzi of the palaces. How can she get rid of them and restore some sanity to her father’s castle?

Stormy Jane must get a Quest Permit from the DMV (Department of Majestic Vocations), but to do that, she’ll first need to rescue a damsel in distress. No problem for a girl who can chew rocks, swim with lake serpents and sleep through thunder storms, right?

Prince Jack isn’t thrilled about the drippy, over-dressed princesses parading before him, so he goes off on a quest to find someone a little more lively. No such luck. Between getting attacked by spiky bindles and discovering the sleepiest nobility in the land, Jack is almost ready to give up when he finds a surprising ally in the hunt.

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