“The Sounds of Edits” (#amediting)

[To the tune of “Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkle, but more exhausted…]

photo credit: 2guystalkingmetsbaseball.com
photo credit: 2guystalkingmetsbaseball.com

Ibuprofin, my old friend,
it’s time to edit now again.
With all the shifting and deleting,
and splicing words that kept repeating,
all the muscles that were supple once are sore
and can’t type more.
Oh, there are countless edits!




Hello, headaches, here you grow.
I search for images to “show”,
and seek to strengthen verbs and plot twists,
and paint with words just like the artists.
And the vision that has blurred from all the strain
and fried my brain
will come again with edits!

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