photo credit: abcnews.go.com

Wildfires have plagued the west coast of the U.S., and my sister and father were in regions chronically affected by air quality issues, power outtages, and evacuation warnings. Even my own stomping grounds of the Columbia River Gorge were impacted severely in recent years.

But what’s happening in Australia… I can’t even imagine.

So many of us feel powerless to help, and there’s little a middle-aged, writer lady can do. But what I can do, I will do. For the month of January (and possibly beyond), I will donate all my royalty money to organizations that will directly help those affected by the wildfires in Australia. If you have recommendations for which are the most reputable organizations that will get the highest percentage of the money to the ground (instead of having it lost in administrative nonsense), please comment below. In the meantime, this would be a good time to grab one of my books and or share this campaign with reading friends.

I’ll publicize this on Facebook and Twitter with #ReadtoRescue, and I’ve asked other authors to join in the cause. Many others were already in motion. Thanks for anything you can do to help!