Can you have a prequel to a prequel?

When I started this Ancients revamp project, my thought was to tidy up the original and move forward with the series. Instead, I seem to be moving backwards…

“What’s your problem, Lia?!” you ask?

In an effort to be oh-so-organized and decrease the amount of time it took me to write this series, I created a massive master timeline of all the main and supporting characters on a jillion-page spreadsheet. I fleshed it out with little boxes filled with scene ideas just to give myself a fuller picture of the backstory of each person. It was purely for my personal research and understanding…

Trouble started when I actually wrote some of those little scenes. I found I really liked them. Really, really.

But they didn’t exactly fit in the context of the original book I was trying to revamp, and one can only insert so many flashbacks before the reading audience loses their collective minds in a time warp.

So, I created a prequel that grew into plans for a full-length novel. And then I still had some scenes falling chronologically before that story which had some good meat on the bones.

Consequently, before I finish the prequel novel (now #1), I’m writing a novella-length prologue to the whole series. It should set up the core relationships and motivations for the anchoring older characters in the series.

Good heavens, I need to write faster before I get more ideas!

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