Autographed Paperbacks

Prefer hard copies of your books? The kind you can use as a mini tent for naps, a coaster for your cocoa, or a prop to hide your cell phone from prying eyes? You’re in luck!

All my books are available in paperback form. I can personalize a message or simply sign it, as you wish.

Simply use the contact form and write “Paperback Order” in the subject line. In the body of the message, let me know which books you’d like, where they need to be sent (one address per order, up to six books), and any special notes about dedications.

Upon receipt of your order, I’ll give you the payment information. Once I receive the check or money order, I’ll ship the book(s) immediately. Total turn-around time is usually about 2 weeks maximum.

The following pricing list includes the cost of shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. (Sorry. Not available elsewhere.)

  • 1 book = $10
  • 2 books = $19
  • 3 books = $27
  • 4 books = $34
  • 5 books = $40
  • 6 books = $45

Want more than that? You’ll need to start a fresh order. Remember, if you’re sending the books to multiple locations, please make a separate order for each mailing address. Thank you for your understanding. I just want to make sure I don’t accidentally send books to the wrong place!