4 Cover Reveals and a Crazy Goal

With The (Slumpy) Life of Copernica Fletcher in the hands of my beta readers, I was having a hard time deciding which project to attack next. Then a sale at Perry Elisabeth Design helped me choose. After browsing some pre-made covers (something I’ve never seriously done before), I saw a few that clicked with stories I already had in my pile. I’ll tell you straight up: having the cover of my WiP on my desktop is a major motivator for me.

So here’s what’s coming this year…

In addition to this, I’d been going along transcribing vlog posts I did during my 2nd degree black belt testing year, and those will be tweaked and compiled into another inspirational / motivational book. This cover I designed myself.

I’ll spend the rest of this month outlining (loosely) each of these projects, and then I’m going to try something insane. Once Copernica is published, I’m going to work on all four of these books at once–at least for a while–just to see if I can do it. I know writers who do this, and it blows my brain. However, I can’t grow as a writer if I don’t push myself to try new things. My last big stretch was writing two entire romantic comedy series. Now, rather than hyper-focusing on one genre, I’m going to diversify.

Unless I go bonkers instead.

Are you giving yourself any crazy challenges in 2020?

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    1. Thank you!

      I’m not sure what you mean by “tools”, but I’ve learned to format for both ebooks and paperbacks (using templates), and thus far I’ve published using the various Amazon platforms and those offered through Draft 2 Digital, which distributes to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc. On the covers, as mentioned in this article, three were pre-made (a first for me) and one is mine. Most of my other covers are my own creation, though The Fargenstropple Case and Magian High were both designed by Mikey Brooks, and my Proposal Series Novellas and Her Imaginary Husband were designed by Victorine Lieske. In the case of Brooks and Lieske, I hired them and told them what I was looking for.

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