Parables & Ponderings: when God speaks to us through everyday items and incidents

If you’re drowning in work, traffic or housekeeping and feel like God has forgotten you, think again! Those things might be exactly how He’s reaching out to you!

These true, short stories from the author’s life provide “Aha” moments that inspire deeper devotion, no matter what your starting point. Each vignette is real, down-to-earth, and comes with a Bible verse to link daily life to the Word of God.

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Miracles & Musings: recognizing God’s love in blessings big and small

Sometimes we think miracles require parting seas or burning bushes, lepers healed or mountains moved. However, if we open our spiritual eyes, we’ll see that miracles happen any time God touches our life for good. Once we recognize this, we are changed forever by His love.

These short, true stories from the author’s life give examples–some dramatic, but most seemingly commonplace–that show God is over all. Meet people who inspire and see moments that bring God’s love to light. Great for devotionals or those moments when your faith needs a lift. Each short chapter comes with a Bible verse to tie God’s word to daily life.

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Knocking & Knowing: when faith is hard to find

Sometimes believing in God is hard. He feels far away, aloof, maybe even vengeful. So how can we find a seed of faith, plant it, and help it grow? Whether you are just learning of Jesus for the first time, or feel that your long relationship with Him is in a rut, this book can inspire you to rise to the next level of devotion.

Knocking & Knowing is based on one woman’s journey of spiritual growth. Amidst the relatable, personal anecdotes lie many simple principles and practices that can lead any searching soul to find God.

Includes an extensive questionnaire to prompt a spiritual self-evaluation and make a plan of faith-building action.


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The first two books in this series began as spiritual thoughts I used to email to friends, and then evolved into a blog called Parables & Ponderings which I maintained for about a year. I collected the most popular of the anecdotes and sentiments into the short tomes. Parables & Ponderings has gone through about five different covers, so if you find some other version out there, that’s probably why. Knocking & Knowing had a slightly different purpose. I had shared the story of my faith journey with a number of people individually, and later had been asked to give presentations on spiritual growth in a variety of settings. I combined notes from these two disparate ventures to create what I hope will be an inspiring opportunity for self-discovery and spiritual renewal.


Will there be more?


Probably! I’m chewing on ideas for Amens & Aleluias, a book of original hymns and devotional prayers. Since the level of poetry I desire to create isn’t the kind of thing I can just spit out in rapid fire, I’ll wait for the Lord to inspire me. When I have enough collected to merit binding in a book, that will join the omnibus.