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Three worlds, three gifts, three powers ~ one heart-pounding adventure!

Caz is tired of living in space on an orbiting City-Station and would do anything to visit one of the planets in the Granbo System ~ even get herself sentenced to a reformatory for violent youth on the surface of Caren. En route, she meets a group of kindly gypsy traders whose alien companion singles her out for both terrifying violence and a tremendous honor: she must cycle a Gypsy Pearl to all three planets in the system, an arduous quest that will bring her mystical powers and change the destiny of an entire species. It sounds like an exciting adventure until Caz realizes that many forces will do anything and everything to stop her.

In this race against the enemies, Caz must learn who to trust, how to lead, and when to give all for love.


This trilogy began as a dream in which I saw two bratty boys skipping school and finding an old gypsy caravan cart like the kind you see in 19th century fairy tales. In the dream, they broke into the cart, but were trapped before they could leave when the cart (parked on a river bank) began sinking into the water. A creature leapt out of a chest, sliced a boy’s arm, and stuffed a pearl into it. Over the course of the next days, the pearl moved through the body, making the boy stronger in each location until finally, it settled in his heart, making him kinder. That was the dream. I took this story to the friends on my interactive fiction website (no longer in action) and said, “Let’s work with this premise, but you tell me where, when, who. We can switch it up.” I figured I’d get a nice short story out of it. The suggestions came in and suddenly “The Gypsy Pearl” starred a girl who lived in space. We worked on the story for several weeks, but it lost steam, and eventually, I decided to take the reins back and work on it by myself. I moved the narration from third person to first (which immediately turned the main character from an annoying, whiny brat into a sympathetic girl I could actually believe in), and it grew exponentially¬†from there. Not, however, until I’d gotten some really brilliant ideas from Ayd Instone and Jan Jacob Mekes, in particular. See the acknowledgment pages in the books for more on that.

Will there be more?

I had not previously planned to write more, but the worlds I created and many of the side characters are calling to me. There is a definite possibility of a spin-off series (or two or three).