Her Imaginary Husband


New teacher, Nikki Fallon, is trying to ward off the lecherous attention of Coach Carlin. She should
a) slap him silly.
b) report him for harassment.
c) invent an imaginary husband.

Nikki opts for “C” and is not prepared for how the plan backfires! Sure, pretending you’re married to get rid of a jerk is fine, but what if a really nice guy comes along? How can she untangle the web of lies before true love passes her by?



This book was written on a lark to see if I could actually write a romantic comedy. Turns out, I did better than I thought. It is my best-selling book. Many of the humor scenes are based on real experiences I had or witnessed during my teaching years. The sweet mushy stuff … ? Only in my dreams!



Who Needs Reality?

Book 1 of the Team Northwest Sweet Romance series

Jill chases excitement, searching for purpose, longing to be truly valued and loved.

Her lifelong best friend, the mild-mannered Milo acts as her sidekick, nurturing his secret crush and keeping Jill grounded in reality.

And then they try out for “WHO WANTS TO BE A SOAP STAR?” on a whim. It was just meant to be a summertime adventure to fill the time before their last year of college with some fun … but they actually make the cut and are thrown into the competitive world of reality TV. Now Milo and Jill have to figure out what they truly want in their future–and whether or not it includes fame, fortune, and true love.


This book began as a commissioned comedic script for a high school theater department and evolved into a romantic comedy, the start of a new series. Sequels will involve characters from this novel, but each book is a stand-alone with a slightly different mood.