5 Stars to “THE NAMELESS SOLDIER” by Annie Douglass Lima

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What do you do when you’re the only survivor?

Nineteen-year-old Tarvic bears the name of a mighty hero from Alasia’s past. However, the young soldier feels anything but heroic when he regains consciousness to find himself the lone survivor of a brutal attack by invaders from the neighboring kingdom.

Forced to leave his identity behind, Tarvic is thrust into civilian life in the role of protector to three war orphans. When the four of them encounter a mysterious stranger, he must choose between keeping the young girls safe and taking on a mission that could help free his kingdom. Can Tarvic live up to his noble name and find a way to balance his duty and his dreams?


I am so thrilled to have another installment in the Annals of Alasia series, and this one now rivals Prince of Malorn for my favorite.

Lima masterfully carries us through a young man’s passage from battle trauma, through survivor’s guilt and shame, to purpose and promise. There are so many moments when either the pain or the healing is so perfectly depicted that I felt my heart sink or lift as the occasion demanded.

Everyone will fall in love with little Sennie and cheer for the Sad Crazy Lonely Man’s redemption.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful writing.  I’m a huge fan of Annie Douglass Lima, and I shall be buying the paperback to put in a place of honor on my shelf of all-time favorite books.