Science Fiction / Fantasy

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The Gypsy Pearl Trilogy


A violent encounter with an alien leads to Caz’s expulsion to the planet surface, but what others see as punishment, she embraces as freedom. There she experiences many things for the first time–sunshine, dirt, wind … and true friendship.

But just when everything is going right, the alien returns, flipping her destiny upside down. Now she must take on a dangerous quest to visit all three worlds in the Granbo System before the authorities can catch her.



After her escape from the Lamond Reformatory for violent youth, Caz flees to the planet Craggy. The harsh, frigid mining colony is a perfect place to hide, but its lawless, violent culture makes it a dangerous destination for one so young. Armed with her superhuman strength and an enhanced memory, she hopes to pass as a male miner long enough to complete the next stage of her quest to cycle the Gypsy Pearl. With her friend Alf and the alien creature, King, she unravels plots of intrigue that threaten to overturn the balance of power throughout the Granbo System. Along the way, she finds allies to her cause—and more enemies than she can escape alone.



At last Caz has made it to the third planet in the Granbo System, the watery world of Tye. She and her friends must make their way from the polar ice cap to the tropics, passing through a diverse array of colonies along the way. Caz would love to relish these new experiences, but time is running out as her various enemies draw nearer. To make matters worse, the ingredients she has gathered along the way have a terrifying side effect–any adrenaline spikes lead to temporary paralysis! In the race to complete her quest that will save the entire alien fanep species, she discovers that leadership requires self control, determination, and the ultimate sacrifice!


…or get the whole trilogy in one!


Magian High

MAGIAN HIGH ~ where the bullies fly and throw fire balls.

Kincaid Riley, a senior at Magian High, just wants to bring people together ~ smart kids, athletic kids, and magic kids. When his lobbying efforts to desegregate the town’s schools find success, he stands ready to help transfers from other schools in the district. He’s sure the bullying Punkers will settle down and stop harassing the new students soon. He’s wrong.

Amity Griffin is in line to be valedictorian at Wiser High, the high school noted for academic brilliance. When the district scrambles her plans and forces her to attend Magian High, she is furious … until she meets Kincaid and discovers there are more ways than one to be smart.

An unlikely team of teens have to get over all kinds of prejudices and preconceptions if they are going to save Magian High — and their lives!


Available in paperback only! 

Ancients of Drandsil

A terrifying attack by giant buyu birds plunges two orphaned sisters, Marki and Isbi, into the world of legends. They discover that the Ancients–men and women who live for centuries and control the elements–are real! What’s more, a rising conflict between the Ancients and the despotic Regent Maid threatens to destroy the very land that makes up their world. To survive and save the people they love, Marki and Isbi will have to embrace their Gifts and the Circle of Law.


Marked by Magic

Like so many other kids, Lon and Livi wondered what it would be like to be only six inches tall, running around their back yard. Unlike so many other kids, Lon and Livi get their wish–and it’s nothing like they imagined! When Livi accidentally steals a Wedding Circle Wish from the royal family of Mushroom Fairies, it’s up to her and Lon to return the magic, and everyone knows that involves some wild three-part quest. As the siblings brave the perils of super-sized pets, burning flower beds, and a crazy toddler who thinks they’re dolls, they discover the greatest magic of all may be in their friendship.

Spiritual Growth

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Little Devotional Books

Parables & Ponderings:

when God speaks to us through everyday items and incidents

If you’re drowning in work, traffic or housekeeping and feel like God has forgotten you, think again! Those things might be exactly how He’s reaching out to you!

These true, short stories from the author’s life provide “Aha” moments that inspire deeper devotion, no matter what your starting point. Each vignette is real, down-to-earth, and comes with a Bible verse to link daily life to the Word of God.


Miracles & Musings:

recognizing God’s love in blessings big and small

Sometimes we think miracles require parting seas or burning bushes, lepers healed or mountains moved. However, if we open our spiritual eyes, we’ll see that miracles happen any time God touches our life for good. Once we recognize this, we are changed forever by His love.

These short, true stories from the author’s life give examples–some dramatic, but most seemingly commonplace–that show God is over all. Meet people who inspire and see moments that bring God’s love to light. Great for devotionals or those moments when your faith needs a lift. Each short chapter comes with a Bible verse to tie God’s word to daily life.


Knocking & Knowing:

when faith is hard to find

Sometimes believing in God is hard. He feels far away, aloof, maybe even vengeful. So how can we find a seed of faith, plant it, and help it grow? Whether you are just learning of Jesus for the first time, or feel that your long relationship with Him is in a rut, this book can inspire you to rise to the next level of devotion.

Knocking & Knowing is based on one woman’s journey of spiritual growth. Amidst the relatable, personal anecdotes lie many simple principles and practices that can lead any searching soul to find God.

Includes an extensive questionnaire to prompt a spiritual self-evaluation and make a plan of faith-building action.



Latter-day Testimony Series

How Much Do You Want It?

Anyone who truly wants a testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and His Plan of Happiness can get one, but it takes more than wanting. It takes action. Whether you’ve been a member of the Church all your life, or you’re just exploring its teachings for the first time, this little book will help you see why basic, simple steps can make all the difference. It all depends on how much you want it. This book is suitable for the whole family.


You See What You Look At

Everyone has a unique perspective, but most of us have allowed society to program the way we process and react to the things around us. Most of us fall into very conventional patterns of what dominates our attention. The media shouts at us and tells us to focus on X, Y, and Z because they deem them important (and most likely lucrative).

But the truth remains, metaphorically or literally, that we see what we look at. What we see affects what we think about and how we feel, whether we’re looking in the mirror, or at the news, or into the neighbor’s yard. Do we see the bright smile, the medical break-through, and the blooming roses? Or do we focus on the thick waist, the local crime, and the dandelions getting ready to spew seeds?

Expanding our vision and adjusting our focus to see the good in the world brings joy and hope even when life seems to crumble at our feet.

The trick is to trust the Lord’s wisdom more than our own, His perception of Reality more than our limited, microcosmic view. Oh, we say we trust Him, but if we continue with a dim outlook on the future, we’re fooling ourselves. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix once we know what to do.

Written from the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) perspective, this book offers 11 practical ways to change how you look at the world around you in order to find more happiness in daily life. This is suitable for the whole family.


Help Thou My Unbelief

Some storms of life shake even those with strong faith. When that happens, we can either give in to spiritual and emotional destruction, or we can seek out the Light of the World to guide us safely Home. Written from the Latter-day Saint perspective, this short books aims to rekindle faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and help world-weary travelers overcome obstacles of sin, betrayal, self-doubt, and more.