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Five Fun Facts* about Bartholomew Ervin Jefferson

  • Starred on the defensive line for University of Oregon Ducks football team for three years.
  • Earned B.S. degree in Journalism (specifically photojournalism), though he often struggled with writing classes.
  • Was raised by a single dad with loads of help from his grandparents.
  • Has a less-handsome (according to Barth) identical twin brother, Garold, who insists on wearing dreadlocks.
  • Despite his out-going, playful personality, he’s actually really shy around women if it looks like things might get serious.

Five Fun Facts* about Chieko Ryoko Makiguchi

  • Was a contestant on the reality show, Who Wants to Be a Soap Star, competing with Team Northwest.
  • Works as a weekend anchor and roving feature reporter for KGW News.
  • Is a third-generation Japanese-American who wants to kick off some of the stereotypes.
  • Has a millionaire suitor who is ready to pop the question.
  • Despite her cool, on-camera composure, she’s easily stirred up emotionally, especially by exasperating flirts like Bartholomew Jefferson.

(*Y’all know this is a work of fiction, right?)