Through the end of 2018, I will be working on the Team Northwest Sweet Romance series. Book 1, Who Needs Reality? went live September 27th, 2017. Book 2, Getaway Gone Wrong, is currently with the editors, and Book 3, Amaya’s Dance is about 10K words into the rough draft.


Auditioning for WHO WANTS TO BE A SOAP STAR was just a whim, an adventure to fill the summer before the last year of college. Jill had no idea she would actually make it onto the show. The glamour of rubbing shoulders with celebrities quickly wears off, though, as she discovers aspects of the industry that chafe against her values.

Milo has nurtured his crush on Jill for a decade, playing the loyal sidekick to all her adventures, but when he gets sucked into the world of reality TV, he discovers that this plan may be the undoing of their friendship.

How can Milo and Jill find a reality that works for them in a world designed to amplify the fake? And how can Milo help Jill see that the best adventure they could share would be true love?