5 Stars to “BAIT” by Kasi Blake

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What’s more dangerous? Hunting monsters or falling in love? Bay-Lee is about to find out.

The youngest Van Helsing joins her father’s secret school, a training camp for hunters. Bay-Lee quickly learns survival is more important than good grades. She gets kidnapped on her first night, kicked in the face by another student, and labeled as Bait. If she wants to rank-up to Hunter, she’ll have to prove herself. There are plenty of opportunities, especially now that someone or some ‘thing’ is killing students on their birthdays.

Bay-Lee, along with a few new friends and an angry hunter with the most amazing eyes she’s ever seen, will have to follow the clues to find the supernatural killer before it’s her turn. Her birthday is coming up fast.

Nick Gallos has lived two separate identities: a vampire hunter and an infamous rock star. He has toured the world, but now he’s back at Van Helsing’s school in time to see the man’s daughter start her training. Nick hates her on sight. She ruined his life… now it’s time to ruin hers.


In a Hogwarts-esque school in New Zealand, Bay-Lee starts school at the lowest rank: Bait. This would normally mean she’s deemed of little use more than to lure monsters (werewolves, vampires, and a large host of new creatures). But Bay-Lee is also Van Helsing’s daughter, trained by the best and destined for greatness. Step one, advance to the rank of Hunter. Step two, exact revenge on the werewolves that killed her mother. Somewhere in between, she reluctantly falls in love with exactly the wrong young man.

This book was totally addictive. I loved the elements of suspense, mystery, action, and romance. Bay-Lee and Nick are both well-layered, deep characters, and the world Kasi Blake has created for them will definitely provide a lot of room for even more growth. No spoilers … so I can’t say too much … but I immediately got book 2.

Note: This is YA, and thus is pretty “clean”. That said, some might object to the use of alcohol and the age difference between the two main characters. There are no sex scenes, but there is definitely a strong sensual connection.