I currently have 17 titles (which includes 2 boxed sets) in a variety of genres available for sale.


Paperbacks can be purchased through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble (online or special order from store), and Createspace.

E-book versions are currently all available on Amazon, and many are available on Nook, Apple, Kobo, and Scribd as well. There are even PERMA-FREE titles, so be sure to check the individual listings!

Though I write in a wide variety of styles, a few things remain consistent: I try to inspire people to look both heavenward and within for greater strength. I promote ideals of family loyalty, self-sacrifice to help others, and the belief that everyone has something to contribute to society–strength manifests itself in many ways. I tend to write with teenagers in mind even though protagonists in my stories range from small children to people who have crested a century.

What you won’t see is also consistent: no swearing, no sex scenes, and no graphic violence. Though some books deal with more mature subject matter or situations than others, none of them should be embarrassing to read in front of your grandma (or grandchildren, for that matter).


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