I’m super excited for this new feature I’ll be doing.  The interviews are all with authors whom I have come to know and respect. My desire is to do so much more than pump a specific new book release. I want you to get to know these awesome people as people as well as writers. Indies are cool like that. Very approachable.


I’ll list who’s “on deck” here alphabetically, and when the link turns a color, you know their page is live.



Inest Bautista-Yao ~ author of young adult sweet romances with the exotic flavor of the Phillipines, CNN celebrity and all-round sweetheart


Mikey Brooks ~ author of middle grade and children’s fantasy literature and illustrator extraordinaire


H.L. Burke ~ author of fantasy books for all ages, steampunk for young adults, and a dragon connoisseur


Joel D Canfield ~ author of humorous mystery / suspense novels that explore the psyche more than the crime


Lars D. Hedbor ~ author of historical fiction and celebrity history guru for all things to do with the Revolutionary War


Ayd Instone ~ author of paranormal and science fiction short stories, Whovian, and the most entertaining Physics teacher in the UK


Annie Douglass Lima ~ author of fantasy and dystopian literature for young adults, world-traveler and master world-builder


Elise Stokes ~ author of young adult super-hero series and a major advocate for artists of all kinds