The Fargenstropple Case

Cozy Mystery 

What Monty Python’s Flying Circus might have done with Dame Agatha Christie’s lost manuscript…

Invisible burglars who take nothing, but frighten the cat at meal times? This is hardly a case worthy of newly-promoted Chief Inspector Morgan. But when valuable jewels go missing and an attempt is made on Blandthorpe Fargenstropple’s life, Morgan jumps into action with keen interest. Of course, it helps that Blandthorpe’s niece looks nothing like a gargoyle.

With a quirky cast of characters, witty banter, a little romance, more than a fair sampling of animal life, and plenty of ridiculous mishaps, this cozy mystery will challenge your ability to read in any sort of dignified manner–so grab a tray of tea and crumpets and plan to laugh out loud.

This book was originally written with help from a collaborative writing website I maintained for a while. It was the first book I ever independently published, and I did so with the idea that I could test out the process. It has continued to be one of my best-selling books. Read the acknowledgements page for more information.


Is more coming?


Probably. I’ve got a few thousand words written in a draft called The Ghost of Pinkwinkle Derby. The book will take some research, so I’m saving it for a less hectic time of life.

4 Fumbling Fairy Tales


Princess Pennilopintha & the Magical Mouse ~ Some wishes require giving up something special … and other drastic measures, like cutting the cheese.

Saccharine White & the 7 Dwarfs of SAGA ~ Even the “unwanted” princess has a hard time escaping the paparazzi, but vengeance is a dream.

The Quest for a Wide-Awake Princess ~ Not every eligible prince wants a beautiful fashionista. Prince Jack, for instance, will go to great lengths to find someone much livelier.

Stormy Jane & the Damsel in Distress ~ Jane’s BFF is a lake serpent, so she’s not easily frightened. However, when she needs to take on the DMV, the battle almost proves too much for her.


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These were short spoofs were originally released in a series called The Snarky Princess Stories. I was both dabbling in the art of writing viable short stories, and using them to learn about marketing a series.


Will there be more?


Sure. Down the line. I have a list of story ideas for further satirical takes on famous fairy tales as well as some plans for all new tales.