humor-bannerI laugh out loud, often to the point of surprising my pets. These books made that happen for me with every page turn, so you can see I don’t mean just a chuckle here and there. I mean I got a cardio workout reading these. Their sub-genres are varied, but if you want to laugh, take in these books. The list is not up to 10 yet because my criteria is pretty tough, and it’s listed in order by the author’s last name.


Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon by H. L. Burke

Thaddeus F. Whiskers is a pampered palace pet, a kitten enchanted to never become a cat. Princess Clarice loves him, for in the entire kingdom, there is no other kitten as cute or as clever. He leads a life of cushions and cream until a wizard’s “gift” results in his banishment. Determined to make it back to the princess he loves, he escapes into the wilderness where he discovers the lair of a dragon.

Grandious, the dragon, doesn’t care about anything besides himself. He wants to be left alone with his treasure. However, there is something about Thaddeus that has him entranced. He finds himself opening his home and his heart to the little cat.

Thaddeus is a small creature in a big world. Between him and his beloved Princess stand conniving wizards, would-be-step-mothers, and rampaging rats. However, when danger threatens both Clarice and Grandious, Thaddeus won’t allow his size to get in the way of saving his friends.

Through the Fog by Joel D Canfield

An amnesiac is pursued through the wilds of west Ireland accompanied by a beautiful woman who may or may not be his friend. As flickers of memory return they only add to his confusion. A light mystery that’s more about people than puzzles.

” I can’t read a page without snickering aloud at the marvelous way he puts words together. The voice of his narrator can show great wit even while walking “through the fog” of unexplained amnesia. If Canfield wrote for television, I’d actually watch it.” (part of my review)

Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse by Ford Forkum

In a satirical combination of two end-of-the-world scenarios, a zombie plague is quickly followed by an alien invasion – in a time when humanity is already struggling with vampires.

Landing dead center at a college campus swarming with zombies, the aliens soon realize that their abduction mission is going to be quite a bit more complicated than they’d imagined. The presence of vampires only makes the situation worse.

Will the human race prevail or be forced to relocate to an alien planet? Is there any way to reverse the zombie plague? Is the plague contagious to aliens and can an alien be turned into a vampire? What if a vampire alien became a zombie, then was bitten by a radioactive spider and then possessed by the ghost of a robot werewolf? That last part doesn’t happen in the story, but what if it did?

Find out what becomes of humanity in this hodgepodge of dystopian absurdity.

Flipping Heck by Stuart Hayes

After a slight accident involving a laboratory and plenty of fire, Don Castor decided on a career change. One correspondence course in being a P.I. later, Don finds himself recovering missing felines and occasionally the odd kidnapped heiress. Life seems pretty normal. Bills to pay (lots), clients to help (few).
Until that is, he comes downstairs one morning to find his latest clients waiting for him. Genetically enlarged, mind-reading, talking penguins. Accompanied by an undercover reporter (not genetically enlarged). And they just happen to need nuclear material.

Finally convinced that he isn’t in some weird dream, Don reluctantly accepts the case. Now comes the challenge; tracking down the required materials, while keeping a group of nine penguins secret in central London.

Elsewhere in the wider world though a confused camera crew, led by intrepid wildlife filmmaker Charles Hattenburg, is causing trouble. The eccentric Baron Ludvig Von Canton-Ess is trying not to cause trouble but is failing, and Don’s bank manager is less than happy…

Damp Dogs and Rabbit Wee by Cee Tee Jackson

Cast off; ripped off; cheesed off.
When redundancy strikes for the second time in two years, an ex-bank manager is thrust into the world of the self-employed through a desire to eat and meet his mortgage payments.

A series of animal-related vignettes, present an amusing, charming and compassionate look at the life of a Pet Professional.

From the scary to the farcical; the tender to the messy and the cute to the psychopaths – there’s a laugh in (just about) all possible scenarios..

Proving there’s more to dog walking than simply walking dogs, DAMP DOGS & RABBIT WEE is a humorous, light read that will appeal to all pet owners, animal lovers and dog walkers.

The Kibble Talk Series by Cynthia Port

Once Tawny decides to do something, there’s no holding her back. So when her best friend Jenny dares her to eat dog kibble, down it goes. Little does she know how that dusty, tasteless lump will change her life. Suddenly she can hear what dogs have to say and talk back to them too! This might not be such a big deal, except that her own dog, an enormous Great Dane named Dinky, has a LOT to say. He lets her know right away that his fondest dream is to be a teeny tiny lap dog. Tawny promises to help him, and her life nearly goes to the dogs.