Ancients of Drandsil and the Circle of Law


Marki lives with a terrible secret that even she doesn’t understand. All she knows is that she can wish people dead ~ and her latest victims are her own parents. Only her sister, Isbi, and the wanderer Vontu believe otherwise, but when people of The Village try to kill them, they must flee for their lives across the drought-parched plains.

Governor Bobres remembers well the day when he and the Ancients of Drandsil reigned the elements and much more. People throughout all of Cadeven lived the Circle of Law as Faithfuls and enjoyed prosperity and peace. But Bobres’ prideful leadership led to the dissolution of the Council, and now he and the other Ancients are scattered and living in hiding while a power-hungry Regent Maid takes over the land. If Bobres can find and reunite the other Ancients, they can start over and restore Cadeven to its true glory. When two orphaned girls and a young man stumble upon his hiding place, he has real hope for the first time in decades.


This was the first full-length novel I ever wrote (after decades of writing hilarious scripts and bad poetry). It has been through a few editions and name changes, and will do so again in 2018-19 as I deconstruct it and begin again to form a series ~ six books in all. Basically, this will become a collector’s item, and it is only available in paperback form. This book is aimed at teens and adults.



Magian High


Magian High ~where the bullies fly and throw fire balls.

Kincaid Riley, a senior at Magian High, just wants to bring people together ~ smart kids, athletic kids, and magic kids. When his lobbying efforts to desegregate the town’s schools finds success, he stands ready to help transfers from other schools in the district. He’s sure the bullying Punkers will settle down and stop harassing the new students soon. He’s wrong.

Amity Griffin is in line to be valedictorian at Wiser High, the high school noted for academic brilliance. When the district scrambles her plans and forces her to attend Magian High, she is furious … until she meets Kincaid and discovers there are more ways than one to be smart. In fact, kids will have to get over all kinds of prejudices and preconceptions about people who are different if they are going to save the school — and their lives!


This book began as a work of collaborative fiction on a website I no longer maintain. I would write a chapter, ask questions, get feedback from my readers, and continue on. It went quickly–probably because I was working with some motivated teens! See acknowledgements page in the book for full details. This book is aimed at teens.


Will there be more?


Probably. Fans have asked for more, which felt odd since it ends with high school graduation. But you know, prequels are a big thing …


Marked by Magic

Like so many other kids, Lon and Livi wondered what it would be like to be only six inches tall, running around their back yard. Unlike so many other kids, Lon and Livi get their wish–and it’s nothing like they imagined!

When Livi accidentally steals a Wedding Circle Wish from the royal family of Mushroom Fairies, it’s up to her and Lon to return the magic, and everyone knows that involves some wild three-part quest. As the siblings brave the perils of super-sized pets, burning flower beds, and a crazy toddler who thinks they’re dolls, they discover the greatest magic of all may be in their friendship.


This is my first endeavor to write with children in mind. The premise of the story is based on two things I grew up with: 1) my mother’s stories about the Mushroom Fairies, and 2) my longstanding musings about what it would be like to be six inches tall. This is currently available only in paperback form.


Will there be more?


I hope so! I’m thinking about Penny Pixies next.