But wait! There’s more! (CIR spin-off sites)

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Clean Indie Reads started as an obscure little blog, but it grew up into much more–an amazing support network for independent authors. It has become so large (over 2500 writers!)  that some of our brave members have formed genre-specific websites and groups, much like committees at work (only a lot more fun). Two of these groups in particular are thriving. Let me introduce you to them.




Fellowship of Fantasy is a reader/writer site that seeks to provide ways for authors to interact with readers beyond just straight advertising. They have an author directory, a blog, pages for fan art, and a free book library. They also run contests, events, and social media tag games. Look for them on social media using #ReadFoF and #FellowshipofFun. This group was started by the incomparable Heidi Lyn Burke, past recipient of the CIR Strong Award and prolific author of steampunk and dragon lore!


This website is dedicated to featuring clean romance novels and novellas. Feel free to browse, or use our search box to find exactly what you’re looking for. These books are free of swear words, gratuitous violence, and sex. It has a newsletter with great recommendations coming right to your inbox. This group was started by the USA Today best-selling romance author Victorine Lieske, also a past recipient of the CIR Strong Award (can we pick ’em, or what?).

We also have two sites that are directly connected to Clean Indie Reads.


This is the hosting site for our seasonal sales. You can click on it at any time to see either a countdown to our next big gig or the actual listings of amazing deals by CIR authors. We have a whole team of people working on this, but our top dog on this project is Dyego Alehandro, a valued member of our CIR admin team.

cirminicon.comminicon banner

This is the landing site for all the information on our first ever regional conference for authors. There will be seminars and activities for both authors and avid readers. Find out more and register for classes. Coming in September! This conference has been headed by the tireless and talented Laura VanArendonk Baugh, also a recipient of the CIR Strong Award this month.



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