Meet Maris and Crawford

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Name: Maris Conway

Home Town: Spokane, Washington

Job: Philanthropic Outreach Coordinator of Conway Community Builders

Special Talents: Can win a tennis match on serves alone; can eat half a gallon of Tillamook ice cream in one sitting; can talk wealthy business people into donating huge sums of money to help others.

Quirks: Forgets to wear shoes.

Fondest Dream: Marry Prince Charming and run a homeless shelter.


Name: Crawford Andrews

Home Town: Portland, Oregon

Job: Model at PDX Prime Actors & Modeling Agency

Special Talents: Can do everything the ladies like; looks manly no matter what; hauls luggage.

Quirks: Deletes female contacts after a dozen dates.

Fondest Dream: Score a national TV ad campaign and all the babes that goes with it.


The premise of this story actually came from a real event. While going out with family friends, I found out one couple was heading to South Africa in a few months. I asked how on earth they’d come up with that plan, and they said that they’d been at a charity auction and had bid on the trip in order to help drive the price up, but then they won! My story-wheels immediately began spinning, and I thought about how I could turn that idea into a romantic comedy. A Bid for Love was born!

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