“I was with book as a mother is with child.” ~ C.S. Lewis


Contrary to what Google says, I’m not an international airport or some kind of award. I’m a multi-genre writer. I write so that I can turn off the movies in my head at night and get some sleep, but then I wake up again and have to take notes because I had a cool dream that might just make a good story some day. For this reason, I have pads of paper by my bed, in the car, in my gym bag, and in the shower (water proof!). I currently have 13 titles available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace.

I’ve lived and traveled in North and South America and Europe and now make my home in Oregon with my adoring husband, my brilliant son, my vivacious daughter, my surly black cat, and my distractingly cute dog. I love milk chocolate, plain New York style cheesecake, pepperoni & sausage pizza with extra cheese, and Diet Coke by the liter. When not writing, I’m reading, teaching, taking water aerobics, walking my dog, checking my kids’ homework, volunteering with Northwest Children’s Outreach, making YouTube videos with my son, or attacking that mound of laundry that refuses to fold itself. I’m a very devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where I play the organ for worship services and teach Sunday school to adorable 10 and 11 year-olds. My loud, booming laugh often surprises my pets, and my hair never looks as good as my author shot in real life. I wish I could travel all around the world encouraging people in all their worthy endeavors and then come home each night to curl up with a good book and my puppy. Maybe when my little birds have flown the nest, Mama and Papa Bird might just find a way to do that!