5 Stars to “THE HERO FEAT OF HANNAH HELSTROM” by J. Philip Horne

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Hannah Helstrom is the worst superhero in the Guild of Sevens, but she’s also the most stubborn. When her moment arrives, will it be enough?


This had been sitting on my kindle TBR list for a while. Had I paid attention to the fact that it was part of the Guild of Seven series (a side short story), I would have read it right away because that series is AWESOMESAUCE!

So! Hannah is a Seven. Sort of. Sevens are people with bizarre, superhero-ish capacities, but they typically each have two or three special gifts. Hannah only has one. She can “reggie”, meaning she can mend her body from any injury at will. Pretty cool, but not an obvious superhero trait when by its self. But in Hannah’s own words, her second power is stubbornness. When a friend needs rescuing from a burning building, she shows just how far stubbornness can take you.

I love this author and the whole premise of the Sevens, so this was an easy win for me. But beyond that, I loved that Hannah showed us how tenacity and determination can lead to greatness. She is not naturally gifted as Seven, or even in standard talents, but she works HARD. This is a great message for youth today. We may not all have natural aptitudes that put us at the top of the heap, but we can put in maximum effort and find astonishing results. Great message. Great short. I hope there will be more of these. (I kind of want it to become a movie franchise, really … Hollywood? Did you catch that?)

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